Fanimation Windpointe - 52 inch-AB with with N Narrow Oval Blades FP7500AB

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Beautifully crafted with style and versatility in mind, The Windpointe by Fanimation will provide the right look for any room.  A myriad of fashionable blade options can be paired with The Windpointe
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Windpointe - 52 inch-AB with with N Narrow Oval Blades
Windpointe - 52 inch - Antique Brass with Natural Narrow Oval Blades
Set of five blades included

Product Weight Pounds: 25
Product Length Inches: 52
Product Width Inches: 52
Product Height Inches: 14.5
Housing Diameter Inches: 9.06
Light Kit Included Yes or No: No
Cap Included Yes or No: No
Glass Finish: N/AIncluded Control Type: Pull Chain
Ceiling to Bottom (With LK) Inches: N/A
Blade Pitch Degrees: 18
Blade Reversible Yes or No: No
Number of Blades: 5
Blade Sweep Inches: 52
Blade Finish: Narrow Oval Natural Palm
Blade Material: Natural Palm
Blade Finish Method Type: Natural
Product Finish: Antique Brass
Leadwire Inches: 80
Downrod Length Inches: 6
Canopy Diameter Inches: 5.75
Canopy Height Inches: 2.575
Motor Type: AC
Motor Reversible Yes or No: Yes
Motor Size: 188 X 25
Number of Speeds: 3

Avg Estimated Yearly Energy Cost: 9
Avg Estimated Yearly Energy Cost on HIGH: 14
Avg CFM Energy: 2964
CFM Mini: N/A
CFM Low: 1462
CFM Medium Low: N/A
CFM Medium: 2337
CFM Medium High: N/A
CFM High: 2633
Avg Energy Use (Watts): 33
Watts Mini: N/A
Watts Low: 17
Watts Low: N/A
Watts Medium: 34
Watts Medium High: N/A
Watts High: 42
Avg Airflow Efficiency: 91
Airflow Efficiency Mini: N/A
Airflow Efficiency Low: 86
Airflow Efficiency Medium Low: N/A
Airflow Efficiency Medium: 68
Airflow Efficiency Medium High: N/A
Airflow Efficiency High: 63
RPM Mini (I): N/A
RPM Low (II): 57
RPM Medium Low (III): N/A
RPM Medium (IV): 82
RPM Medium High (V): N/A
RPM High (VI): 86
Current Draw Mini: N/A
Current Draw Low: 0.23
Current Draw Medium Low: N/A
Current Draw Medium: 0.34
Current Draw Medium High: N/A
Current Draw High: 0.37

Bulb Type: N/A
Bulb Base: N/A
Bulb Quantity: N/A
Watts Per Bulb: N/A
Bulb Max Wattage: N/A
Bulb Color Temp:
Bulb Color Temp: N/A
Bulb CRI: N/A
Bulb Lumens: N/A
Bulb No 2 Type: N/A
Bulb No 2 Quantity: N/A
Bulb No 2 Max Wattage: N/A
Bulb No 2 Color Temp: N/A
Bulb No 2 CRI: N/A
Bulb No 2 Lumens: N/A

Compatible Blades: B5131DC, B5131RC, B5132DC, B5132RC, B5133CYWA, B5133MOMP, B5133TKMH, B5260WA, B5270WA, B5280WA, B5300WA, B5310WA, B5330WA, B5340WA, B5350WA, B6030CY, B6030MH, B6030MP, B6030TK, B6060WA, B6070WA, B6080WA, B6110WA, B6130WA, B6131DC, B6131RC, B6132DC, B6132RC, B6133TKMH, BPD1A, BPD4A, BPD4BL, BPD4MW, BPD5A, BPP1BR, BPP1TN, BPP4BR, BPP4GR, BPP4TN, BPW6030CY, BPW6030MH, BPW6030MP, BPW6030TK, BPW6090DNA, ISD1A, ISD1C, ISD2A, ISD4A, ISD4C, ISD7A, ISP1, ISP1RB, ISP2, ISP4, ISP4RB, ISP5
Compatible Blades: F301AB, F401AB, F404AB, F423AB, LK112A, LK113WH, LK114AAB, LK114WAB, LK122A, LK124AAB, LK124WAB, LK250, LK260, LK500AB, LKLP101AB, LKLP102AB, LKLP111AAB, LKLP112AAB
Compatible Controls: CRL4WH, CRL8TS
Compatible Wall Controls: CW1LA, CW1SWLA, CW1SWWH, CW1WH, CW5LA, CW5WH, CWRL4LA, CWRL4WH
Compatible Accessories: CCK8002AB, DR1-12AB, DR1-18AB, DR1-24AB, DR1-36AB, DR1-48AB, DR1-60AB, DR1-72AB, DR1-CPAB
Country of Manufacture: CHINA
Fan Energy Star 4: No
Light Kit Energy Star 4: N/A
Regulated Product Yes or No: Yes
Product Safety Application: UL/cUL
DOE Classification: LSSD
Location Rating: Dry
IP Rating: N/A
Voltage Cycles: 60HZ
Voltage: 120V

Limited Lifetime Warranty
Carton Weight Pounds: 30
Carton Cubic Feet: 2.138
Carton Length Inches: 24.10
Carton Width Inches: 13.08


Since Fanimation's inception in 1984, we've become an acknowledged leader in the industry by creating and producing refreshingly innovative ceiling fans for a wide variety of venues. Fanimation's founder and CEO, Tom Frampton, is well known for his creativity and entrepreneurial spirit. Tom began Fanimation in his garage, with three fan designs. From the start, our benchmark designs have set the standard for the industry, including The Islander®, featuring the Original Palm Leaf Fan Blade®; The Palisade® with its vertical rotation design; and The Punkah®, sporting a side-to-side, synchronized motion.

The growth of Fanimation's outstanding collection of fans has been nothing short of spectacular. Through the years, we've grown our collection to include more than 31 fan designs. With numerous fan blade, lighting, finishing and accessory options, the number of ways our fans can be customized is practically limitless.

Fanimation fans are the perfect fusion of beauty and functionality. With designs for every style and technology-driven controls for your convenience, Fanimation fans inspire your home. They integrate into any space and allow you to make a statement that is all your own.

At Fanimation, we're dedicated to creating and manufacturing high-quality ceiling fans that are as functional as they are expressive.