Classy Caps 5X5 White Pvc Pyramid Solar Post Cap SL9902

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Our  5"x 5"  Vinyl Pyramid solar post cap includes four high output surface mount LED's that are hidden from view, but as night falls this one of a kind patented design will cast an array of light onto all four sides of the post cap and surrounding area...a truly unique and exceptional style only from Classy Caps Mfg. Will fit over an actual 5"x5"post.
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Finish: White

High Performance solar lights – stays lit for up to 10 hours

Casts a brilliant white light downward onto the outside walls of the post cap and surrounding area

Lights up automatically every night

High output surface mount LED technology

3x brighter than standard LED’s

1 Long life AA Ni-MH rechargeable battery included

Manufactured from durable White Vinyl (PVC) – won’t fade or yellow

Will fit over an actual 5”x5” post

Quick and easy Do It Yourself installation.

15 Lumens / 4500-5500 Kelvin

Classy Caps

Classy Caps Mfg. Inc. has more than two decades of success in the solar outdoor lighting market using the latest technology. Stringent quality control is a key factor to the success of Classy Caps Mfg. Inc. With our manufacturing process we have worked out the control procedures allowing us to ensure that only 100 % reliable product reaches the end user. Our innovative patented designs set us apart from our competition and most importantly we stand behind our products. We supply large chain building centers as well as fence and deck dealers through out the USA and Canada and we are continuously looking for new distributor opportunities.

The control of the quality of our manufactured products is performed at the following stages of the production process:

Statistical control of incoming raw material. Classy Caps Mfg. Inc. has MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheets) from our PVC Supplier's and they are readily available to our customers. Inspection of the components during the injection molding process and assembly. Individual post production control and final inspection as finished product is packaged and prepared for shipping.

Classy Caps Mfg. Inc. is focused strictly on the manufacture of high quality innovative solar lighting and we will guarantee the manufacture of quality products, reliable customer service and competitive pricing.


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